New year, new project

What better way to start the new year than with a new long form webcomic! I have been developing this project for the last four month and its coming along so well that I will be starting to post pages weekly pretty soon.

But what in the world are the Tales of Jerrik, might you ask? To sum it up, Jerrik’s story is one of adversity, repentance, discovery and change told with words and illustrated with art.

In form and in format it is very different from anything I have done before, so I think that those of you who know my work might a little surprised! If you’re interested in following me on Facebook, you can like my page and that way, you will get any updates concerning Tales of Jerrik in your news feed!


As for all the newcomers, you can read my previous comic series, the Adventures of Captain Wayne, at You can also find both Captain Wayne volumes, The Unexplained Dimension and Trouble on P57–Exodus, on and!

Thank you for stopping by and see you soon for the start of the Tales of Jerrik!

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