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  1. Nobody realy seems to know how much a gold coin was worth in the days.
    In the 1880’s, with a piece of 20 francs (with less gold than a sovereign or an eagle and almost as much as a 10 guilden piece) you could stay a day in the highest rank hotel in any European capital, all food en drinks included, in a suit with sitting room, diner, master bedroom and bedrooms for the children and the nanny, a room for the butler and extra rooms for the maids and servants.
    In actual money, a gold piece of the medieval times would be worth 25000 to 75000 €. Godlhad such a high value that the gold coinage in Europe stopped in the 7th century and retarted around 1200 (ducats and florins) because the feodal economy didn’t need them !
    Good pay for a tale.

    1. Those are some pretty interesting numbers, Hans! I do my best to pay attention to details but this was really purely for storytelling purposes and no meant to relate to a real life situation. I guess it’s a good thing this is a fantasy story! And also, Agatha probably felt the story she seeks was worth coming all this way and spending a whole gold coin.

      Thanks for the feedback and welcome to Tales of Jerrik!

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