Book One

Yes, it is official. The first book of the Tales of Jerrik will start publishing right here one week from now!

February 25th will mark the beginning of this new project that has been gestating since the summer. I have been busy writing, conceptualising and defining the visual design for a while, it all started while I was still working on the Adventure of Captain Wayne. These new tales are inspired by my own origins and background while also exploring new territories. I strive to grow as an artist and a storyteller, and therefore hope that my experiments will be as interesting  for you, my readers, as they are for me.

As the teaser image above illustrates, it is quite a departure from my previous work but fear not, you will definitely recognise it as mine.

ToJ - Swordsmanship

Leading up to this week’s post I’ve been sharing a small teaser series on Twitter and Facebook, entitled “Swordsmanship – the path to mastery”. It consists of 8 inked drawings of Jerrik, depicting milestones of his apprenticeship in the art of the sword. I’ve put them all together in one single illustration and got some awesome mugs made!

Swordsmanship Mug

So here’s the deal about the mug: you could win your very own! About half way into Book One, I will take the names of everyone who has left comments on the Tales of Jerrik comics and put them all in a hat for a draw. The lucky winner will have a genuine Tales of Jerrik mug sent to her or him!

Here’s what the design looks like:

Swordsmanship - Path to Mastery

You can also view the individual illustration on my Twitter and/or Facebook feed.

So, mark your calendars and help me get the word out about the Tales of Jerrik by sharing it with as many people as possible. Thank you for your support and see you next week for the first comic!

4 Replies to “Book One”

  1. I need to set up and automatic feed, like RSS to keep updated. I miss so much when I’m away from Facebook for a day of do. You are way too productive! 🙂

    Feb 25 is a good day. Jerrik will be here and it’s George Harrison’s birthday. Great day indeed.

  2. I’m really enjoying the details in that panel above. The textures, the table cloth, the little ornaments on the book and pen holder — great work! That mug is quite nice, too! Hope you’ll make them available for purchase at some point, as well! Keep it coming, Wouter, so far, so marvelous!

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