The Story

In a faraway land, lived a warrior of great virtue who was known throughout the kingdom as Jerrik the Great for his accomplishments were many. Becoming legend was where his path was set to take him but the Gods had other plans.

Jerrik’s story is one of adversity, repentance, discovery and change told with words and illustrated with art. To start reading Tales of Jerrik, go here.


The Artist

My name is Wouter [vow-ter] F. Goedkoop and I am the creator, writer & illustrator of the Adventures of Captain Wayne and the Tales of Jerrik.

My passion is storytelling, whether it be through my design work, my writing or my illustrations. I work both traditionally and digitally with a variety of media and software.

 If you are interested in viewing my other work, please do visit my homepage at www.wouterfgoedkoop.com

I you would like to get in touch, drop me a line using the form below:

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